The myth of cardio before breakfast

We’ve all heard it before, the theory that doing cardio on an empty stomach maximizes fat loss.

This statement is found literally in every fitness book

And now the crowds of girls are planning  to start running from Monday morning before the breakfast. The strategy became popular with bodybuilders and other physique athletes striving to get as lean as possible. After all, who wouldn’t want to burn more fat while expending the same amount of effort?

Obviously, not many people enjoy morning classes, and for a long time people rarely stick on such a regimen. Especially if they also need to work later.

Okay, so perhaps you’re thinking that you’ll just perform fasted low-intensity cardio to burn those few extra fat calories. Nice try, hot shot

If you are a woman who has body fat percentage above 19-20%, and if you are a man with 15% + (don’t know your body fat percentage, take a look at the photos), then cardio on an empty stomach has no advantages over usual.

A negative calorie balance is enough to start melting fat.

There was an experiment where 20 young, healthy girls were divided into 2 groups: cardio on empty stomach / after having breakfast. They adhered to a diet with a calorie deficit and were under the supervision of specialists to exclude errors in the diet.

A month later, there were no significant differences in achievements between group 1 and 2.

There is only one group who can benefit from such cardio- Skinny women who decided to “dry” below 19 percent of fat.

The fact is that with such % of fat, the body does not really want to lose it, preferring to use glycogen as an energy source.

All those methods come from  professional athletes who are fighting for every millimetre of their body.

And then, as always, there are ordinary people. They will read or hear something and immediately will start the game “let’s prepare for Olympics” with 10 kg of excess weight.

Main points💡:

✅If your figure is still far from the “athletic “, the only reason to make any kind of active body movements asleep is your sincere desire.

✅To plan cardio on an empty stomach makes sense when everything else is “not working”, and it is vital for you to remove this last fold of skin on your stomach.


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