Is it good if I don't eat anything after a workout, if I want to lose weight?

Often, those who are losing weight do not eat after training with the strong belief that food will stop fat burning process.

Let’s try to find the truth.

The body strives to maintain constancy in it’s internal environment. When thirsty. We drink. When hot. We sweat. Always.  For this process we need extra energy.

What you eat right after the training or later – doesn’t matter. The amount of energy the body needs to recover will not change – it will still take what it needs.  But without a small snack after the training you will be probably super hungry later.

The second point: “after training, the body continues to burn fat, and if you eat something than the process of fat burning stops.”

And what⁉

The final balance of calories per day is important: if there is a deficit, then the body will take energy from the reserves. If not immediately after training, then at night or even later. You don’t need to overthink it – eat when you feel hungry within your nutrition limits.

For the people with low percentage of fat, who have difficulties with mobilization it makes sense to try to delay a meal and see if this will give any advantage.  It’s like with fasting cardio we have talked before.

But again, there must be strict control of calorie intake☝

I am strongly against such manipulations after high-intensity training🙅, because normal recovery and working capacity are much more important than some potential and absolutely non-dramatic advantages in fat burning, which are just killed by wrong nutrition choices later 😏

What is really important:

✔ Negative calorie balance

✔ Vitamins and minerals

✔ Emotional balance

As for weight loss in general, I always recommend the following four things:

  • Portion control,
  • Eating more natural foods (unprocessed foods and no sugary drinks),
  • Consider intermittent fasting (or time restricted eating) for weight loss, and
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol

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