How much water should I drink per day?



❓ 3 l?

❓In a hot summer?

❓In a cold winter?

❓And if you train a lot?

❓Can be calculated by the formula depending on body weight, gender, physical activity coefficient, age, room temperature and moon phase?

❓Does tea /coffee/soup count?

❓Do you need to install a special application on your phone to count the drunk water?

Believe me – everything is much simpler!

You already have a natural water control gadget

Check the colour of your urine as a good indicator of your hydration status. It should be slightly yellow. In the morning it will be the darkest. But during the day you should consume enough water so that the urine brightens.

But colour can be also affected by certain medications and vitamins, as well as health problems (kidneys, for example).

You can also focus on the number of trips to “get rid of water”: 5 – 9 times a day (for healthy people)

As you see, besides feeling thirsty,  those two options are amazing indicators for your water balance.

If you love math, then consider an average of 30-40 ml per 1 kg of weight.

Regarding “tea / coffee / soup:

Water from food is absorbed in the intestine (otherwise you will get diarrhea), and this is the same H2O  and it is also “counts”!

⚠this does not mean that you don’t need to drink water, it only means that there is the same water☝

Another question is that juices, sodas and fruit drinks also contain sugar, and a couple of glasses will give you a lot of extra calories. I often see how my clients do not count drinks and cannot find the reason why they have problems with weight.


About tea and coffee☕🍵, I hope no one considers coffee as a source of water. But it’s better to stay in standards of caffeine (which is also contained in tea) 200-300 mg per day.

It is worth remembering that there should be a measure in everything, even with fluids. Too much water can threaten your electrolyte balance.

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