Let ‘ s be honest pregnant women crave weird foods and lots of it! Most of us fixate over how much we will gain during pregnancy. We are even obsessed over the weight our favorite celebrities gain during the course of their pregnancies.

Of course, all of us want to get of our pregnancy weight as well, and to do it as fast as it is possible. I will help you to look and feel fabulous in as little as 90 days on to one consultations without:

Military exercise

No matter how much weight you gained during your pregnancy

What to expect?

  • Look Fab after having a baby is coaching program that will teach you how to develop healthy eating habits that stick.

  • You will lose weight, improve your digestion, start moving, feel more confident and feel better on your body.

  •  Each week you will get one-on-one session with me and I will help you to discover the best diet for your unique body.

Fabulous After Having A Baby

12 One-On-One Sessions​

I have been thinking lately about actively wasting versus passively wasting life.

How often do you end a day, a meeting, or perhaps just glance up at the clock and wonder – “where did the time go?” 

Or perhaps on your birthday or as you celebrate the new year you realize how much time in your life has passed. None of us want to waste time – but if you don’t actively, intentionally take control, time will leak away from you, in small increments throughout the day.

Having a baby is a hard task and I understant that we too often forget about ourselves…

480 Eur

Please, listen this  TED Talk Laury Vanderkam about time managment and I hope you will start making new small changes in your life.