Only one person can come between you and the body you’ve always wanted…. And that person is


You are only opponent, and getting into the best shape of your life is a constant fight – a fight between who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow. 

Ready to get healthy, but need guidance, motivation, and a roadmap?

My goal for you…

Become the woman you've always known you could be,

live the life you’ve dreamed of, and ultimately, change the world {one person or an empire} for the better.

Olga shows you how to make the best decisions every time you eat- Ekaterina Bikmeeva - owner of Beauty Embassy Prague
Olga helped me quit sugar and soda. Something I never thought possible- Maria J-patient at Aether Clinics Prague
Olga offers the most practical advice to navigate a healthier way of eating - Pavel Novak- Sparta Tennis Club Prague

Nutrition Coaching


Primary Consultation

Schedule your first session below, AT LEAST ONE WEEK in advance. Thats because once you schedule it, you will be provided with and asked to fill out a questionnaire and food diary and return it to me 24 hours before our session, so I can review it. 


Assement and Planning  

I will assess your current diet, lifestyle, concerns, and goals, and put together a plan to address and reverse your concerns and reach your goals, all the while taking into account your current diet and lifestyle. All plans are designed to help you create healthy habits that stick, as painlessly as possible.


First Session 

Our first session I will suggest the top 1-3 diet or lifestyle changes you can make that could have a significant improvement of your concerns, and move you towards your goals. I will thoroughly explain them, and give you a concrete plan to follow them. This is what you will focus on for the next week. (The reason we focus on one or a few small areas at a time, is so that you don’t become overwhelmed!) Depending on your current state and goals, I will suggest the number of sessions to help you get there. (60-minute session, over Skype or Phone). 


Follow up sessions

We will continue to meet once a week, and build on habits from prior week. We will talk about your progress, troubleshoot if we need to, then I will educate you on new topics, and give you another set of actions to focus on. You will be held accountable to your goals and commitments, and given the support and guidance you need to follow through. (50-minute session, over Skype or Phone) 


Achive your goals

At the final session, we will assess your progress, and you’ll leave with recommendations to maintain what you’ve achieved. If you’d like to have continued accountability, or questions pop up, you can schedule in 20-minute check-ins as you like after your initial program is complete.

90 minutes

For more information call me  or use email.