Breakfast- To Eat or Not To Eat


💫 Skipping breakfast provokes overeating⁠.

💫 If you do not eat breakfast you will be fat⁠.

💫Eat your breakfast, share your lunch with a friend and give your dinner to your enemy⁠.

💫 Breakfast must be the main meal⁠.

Have you heard? Forget it.

If you look at the studies of the relationship between breakfast and excess weight, the results are not so clear. 

Consider 3 examples:
1. You woke up ➡ you are not hungry (this is normal!) ➡ going to work (according to the concepts of  nutritionists, you  have already skipped your breakfast) ➡ after 3 hours You’ve got an appetite sо you ate ➡ everyone is happy, harmony and understanding

2 You woke up ➡ you are not hungry ➡ going to work ➡you want to eat but have no time ➡ after few hours you eat everything you see, (which is usually sweets, cookies, etc.) ➡ in the evening you are super hungry and eat almost everything

3 .You woke up ➡ you don’t want to eat, but push yourself, because “you must!” ➡after 3-4 hours you still want to eat. Maybe an hour later than in the first option ➡ as a result, one extra meal in a day, extra kcal in the form of breakfast without appetite ➡ We don’t want to, but eat it — is it normal? No! 

“Specialists” said that you should eat during the first hour after waking up. For many, this is not suitable at all, but they are eating because the “experts” said. I love intermitten fasting and I do not eat till 9 o’clock and I am totally fine.

And it turns out, as in that joke:

Eight out of ten experts agree that…… the other two are idiots who should not be called experts

Too many people complain that they can not eat  in the morning. “Nothing, then you’ll get used to it,” the nutritionists reassure. Sure! You can get used to everything. Have you heard about Pavlov’s dog?

✔ “Skipping” breakfast does not provoke weight gain. But hunger and malnutrition for sure.
✔ If you are a healthy person without pathologies, focus on YOUR feelings and what’s better for YOUR body. What option helps YOU to control your appetite and feel good about yourself.

Just for fun ask your nutrition guru:  “what’s the problem, not to eat during the first hour after waking up, but later, when I will be really hungry?”

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